viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Day 1 .
Daily Report: Cuarto B
·         TEACHER JULIAN: Today I returned the quiz about Unit 3 vocabulary and the time; we continued working with ordinals numbers pages 47, 48; also we started to work with the zero conditional page 49.
·         TEACHER JUAN CARLOS COPETE: Today we finished socializing and correcting the last activities from unit 2 workbook. Next class we start unit 3: Ancient Egypt. HOMEWORK: To have completed activities from page 33 workbook.
·         TEACHER MARINA: We started studying unit 2 (student book p. 22) and practised the new vocabulary (workbook p. 22). HOMEWORK: Learn the vocabulary.
·         TEACHER JHON:   Today we had the weekly quiz and continued studying unit 3.
·         TEACHER LEYDY: Today we practiced speaking skill, Student’s book page 46 and grammar focus on pages 47, 49. Also, students wrote the concepts related to the new vocabulary. NOTE: this paper is useful for the test, keep it in the folder. HOMEWORK: Workbook page 46, 47.
NATACIÓN: Trabajamos actividades enfocadas al mejoramiento de la patada e n estilo espalda.
ESPAÑOL: Contextualización sobre el cuento y las clases de cuento. Trabajo individual sobre el tema en la guía de lenguaje.
Thank you
Primary teachers and Coordination

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