martes, 25 de julio de 2017

Day 1 .
Daily Report : Cuarto B .
D.GRUPO: Hoy los estudiantes presentaron martes de prueba.
·         TEACHER JUAN CARLOS COPETE: Today we had reading, listening and workbook activities related to The Great Fire of London. No homework for today.
·         TEACHER JHON: Today we had a class where we practiced some Movers exam questions part 6. We also had a reading comprehension activity.
·         TEACHER JULIAN: Today I returned unit 5 workshop; also we had a quiz (listening, reading, and writing). NOTE: Next Monday day 5 we will have Unit 5 evaluation (Unit 5 vocabulary, made of/used for, possessive apostrophe).
·         TEACHER MARINA: The students took the unit 3 assessment (listening, Reading comprehension, writing) and we checked the answers as well as did some methodology.
·         TEACHER LEYDY: Students worked on page 73 and practiced reading skill.
NATACIÓN: Práctica general estilo pecho.
ESPAÑOL: Figuras literarias.
Thank you
Primary teachers and Coordination

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